04-HABITATAt Geocrom School we are also focused on the energy correction of our spaces, offering a simple, direct and highly effective tool of healing. In our lab we prepare Essences for a Healthy Habitat, ten diffusers to heal and empower homes. They are made with isotonic seawater and encoded with some different and harmonic formulas from Geochromotherapy. They are sprayed in space, at home or work, and have a soft scent of rosewood. The healing impregnated codes associated with these elixirs, remain active for longer than 24 hours. A full correction may require spraying the house, furniture and objects for weeks, months or just days, depending on the test.

As Habitat Medicine and organic Feng Shui professionals, until now, we have tested and healed hundreds of homes and workplaces with the 28 Geocrom Habitat Archetypes ( polycarbonate filters inserted in the places); Now, we basically correct places with the 10 Healthy Habitat diffusers, and occasionally we use the Geocrom filters, especially when they have to stay long at the place. Geocrom Institute in 2012 created a new dynamic of correction much lighter, economical and suitable for each client, to be used by inhabitants themselves, but is also very effective for professionals, therapists or habitat counselors aware of the need of healing our “existential” own places.
With the Healthy Habitat Essences diffusers it can also be corrected and enhanced the energy of any home or workplace, according to their various alterations. However, it is always preferable to do an energy and causal previous test to know precisely the different corrections needed and know which formulas are suitable to be used in each case, as each one is programmed with a synergistic formula of various geometric and chromatic guidelines.

These 10 Habitat formulas are contained in spray bottles of 300 ml. They have been designed in two therapeutic groups; The first group, composed by five essences, is to correct geopathies and psyche-energetic alterations of living spaces; the second group is to empower and enable the beneficial energies of the place. This “encoded water” is sprayed into the air, never more than once a day, sometimes for consecutive or alternative days, and depending on the test indications also several formulas can be combined, if necessary.

Read about Geocrom formulas and instructions how to use the Healthy Habitat Essences:
INSTRUCCIONES de uso de Esencias Hábitat Sano (in spanish)

To learn more about this topic, please visit specific website: www.medicinadelhabitat.com

Synthesis of the Therapeutic Essences for the Habitat

1 / Decoding, de-saturation, neutralization and voiding of spaces and memories.
2 / Psyche and emotional cleaning, toxicity and density.
3 / Radiations, electromagnetic fields, geopathies and Hartman, telephones, computers.
4 / Emotional solidity, centered, groundwater pathways, psyche-emotional disturbance.
5 / Detachment, energy release, adhesions, pain overload, misstrust.
6 / Activation, empowering and enhancing place dynamism, sadness, inactivity.
7 / Prosperity, fluency, resource optimization, inspiration, insight, support.
8 / Peacekeeping, anti-stress, reduce arguments, tension, encourage meditation and silence.
9 / Healing, disease pattern, impeccability, psyche-soul balance.
10/ Protection, spiritual assistance, guidance, security, peace, calm, strength and evolution.

A Therapy, in situ. Home energy analysis and correction by Marta Povo