caixa-novaterra-abril-ok77 Geocrom ESSENCES in sea water

 All Geocrom Essences have been developed, with a magnificent ‘programmable’ substrate such as seawater, with all its minerals, salts and crystals. There are 77 mother-essences, and each corresponds to a Geochromotherapy Archetype, in liquid form.
With these substances or elixirs we can carry out complete healing therapies and prepare dilutions for patients in a very personalized way. We have made a big step from a therapeutic point of view, because through these essences we can make complete therapies, replacing Geocrom Healing sessions on stretcher, or dilutions can complete a therapy with filters, so the patient will drink later on during several days.

Geocrom Essences can be also combined with Fisterra formulas for a more personalized treatment of geometry and color indeed. Creating in 2013 extracts or mother-essences of the 77 GEOCHROMOTHERAPY archetypes was not easy nor quick. Now the Institute can offer TWO ways to apply geometry and color in therapy: 1) Through Geocrom polycarbonate filters, which are projected on the chakras, and 2) through this quantum floral therapy, essences diluted in seawater for drinking. A health professional can buy the complete set or the mother-essences one by one.

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