Integrative Systemic Health House CSIS·Jardín* is the home-school of the Institute in Caldes de Montbui; during therapy courses and meetings, we offer the following accommodation-services and diets to students and visits:

FULL-BOARD : 35 €/a day

LUNCH or SUPPER: 10 €  /  BREAKFAST: 5 €


CSIS·Jardín as Instituto Geocrom’s school-retreat center and office in the countryside is 25 km away from Barcelona; It is easily accessible by car and by public bus service to Caldes de Montbui town; the nearest train is in Granollers town. In addition to conduct study groups, workshops and events, is also a therapy center and a retreatment place. The entire ground floor is adapted for full access for people with disabilities to the school room, the office, the bathroom, the kitchen and the large garden.

In the Garden CSIS it is possible to stay to sleep and to eat, but the prices of the lodging are different according to the request of the student or of the event. Being close to Barcelona, if you are taking a course at the CSIS, you may want to return by car every night to your house and return the next day. Therefore, I would only eat there (10 €). But if you stay to sleep during the whole course you will be ‘full board’. The accommodation includes towels, sheets, heating, three high quality meals of the day, and several snacks.

As a student or visitor, you can stay a night or have a meal at CSIS·Jardin, and in those cases accommodation rates are variable according to your particular request or the conditions of the event you are attending. Being close to Barcelona, if you are taking a course at CSIS Jardin, instead of the full-board accommodation offered by the school, you might be interested every night in driving back home and returning the following day, therefore you will only pay for the lunch (10 €/a day). The full accommodation includes towels, sheets, sleeping in comfortable shared beedrooms, central heating, three high quality meals (breakfast/lunch/supper), and various snacks along the day.

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* CSIS·Jardín in Spanish means:  Casa de Salud Integrativa Sistémica