A practical and effective implementation of the Geocrom Codes is by ENCODING substances. It consists on applying different specific formulas of geometric and color codes, impregnated in a liquid substrate, stable and nourishing, such as, seawater, or in a vehicular substrate such as essential oils or creams. Nowaays we can treat and heal ‘taking’ the energy force of geometry and color through encoded seawater or ‘impregnating’ our body or our chakras with programmed therapeutic oils. It is a way to incorporate light geometry in our mental, physical, energy and emotional, soul health, through a quantum conception of healing and re-programming or encoding substances.

Researcher Mesaru Emoto has clearly shown us along the years that ‘information’ can encode water, and these codes or information can be saved, stored and used for health and human evolution. Our body is 70% water and resonates in perfect synergy with water energy treated, informed or encoded. This principle of impregnation is already used from decades in homeopathy, in spagyrics and other medicinal practices.

Instituto Geocrom runs a pioneering platform, called Fisterra, and a small alchemical laboratory where Marta develops and combines geometry and color with seawater or essential oils, to prepare large and effective psyche-psychic remedies based on the archetypes of Geochromotherapy. Its development and production process is by impregnation, encoding or consecration of substances, in expanded state of consciousness. Meet our specific page for this work, and how the Fisterra project was born, in collaboration with Esther Beltran: www.fisterra-novaterra.net

Geocrom and Fisterra Lab provides to therapists, patients and costumers, the following products or Geocrom Encoded formulas of seewater:



10 GEOCROM ESSENCES for geopathies and healthy habitat, with diffuser  

THERAPEUTIC OILS and CREAMS, ENCODED with Geochromotherapy

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Essences Fisterra and all remedies encoded with Geochromotherapy can be easily acquisted through our virtual store, providing either to Spain and abroad (in this last case without 21% VAT):

Geocrom Online Store



Read an article by Marta Povo on the dynamics of ‘impregnate or consecrate substances‘:

“Consecrate, beyond the ancient religious connotations, is nothing more than the act of assigning a code, a greater force, is to boost or amplify the energy of something, any substance. Consecrate it is usually understood as bless, purify and strengthen. It is to change its frequency as more subtle. When we talk about impregnating or consecreting… READ MORE