TRES SALES, bodegón okFISTERRA Encoded SALTS, for feeding and bathing
Its fundamental ingredient is the high pure Himalaya salt, encoded with Geochromotherapy formulas.
Fisterra encoded salts are designed for feeding and bathing. What is important to know is that they contain several formulas of light geometry or very different programs: a formula Geocrom is to revitalize, another is to relax and another concentrating, at any age and at any time . You can put in the salad, in soup, on toast or any food, and you can also take a bath or a shower with them …

INVIGORATING SALT: It stimulates mood, inner strength, focus and will, efficiency and initiatives. This Geocrom formula contains 6 high efficiency codes to use when you need recovering, encouraging, recentering or moving foward. It is advisable to use it, in food or bathroom, during the day but not at night. It contains six Geocrom archetypes in synergy.

RELAXING SALT: It balances and calms, deactivates stress, nervousness and anger; It helps to open up serenity and inner silence, meditative attitude and to be in the present without expectations. This formula contains high efficiency codes to use when you need to calm down, relax, feel guided and serenity. Advisable to use in the evening. It contains 6 archetypes, a geometric and light formula, almost opposite to the salt above.

CONCENTRATION SALT: It helps focusing, concentrating, memory activation, maintaining attention and focus, completing projects, seeing the best strategy, having direction, purpose and discernment. It is interesting to use in moments of hyperactivity, stress, exams, decision making, and for older people … This product can be eaten at any time of day, always in moderate doses.

COSMETIC, bodegó apaisat