Any liquid or solid substrate, especially water, oil and salt, can be encoded or impregnated with the Healing Geocrom codes, that is, programmed with the sacred geometry and light applied to our health. Instituto Geocrom, S.L. has a craft laboratory called Fisterra, to impregnate and develop each therapeutic remedy.

The 10 Fisterra floral essences, the 10 essences for the habitat healing, and the 77 Geocrom Essences are processed and preserved with pure microfiltered seawater. Each essence or remedy is alchemically encoded with a “synergistic formula” of the Geocrom Archetypes, very specific and effective for our mental and soul balance. There are also 7 formulas of Geocrom oils, 2 creams and 3 therapeutic salts.

We carefully select the substrates where each healing formulais encoded; seawater is very pure and microfiltrated; essential oils we use to encode the remedies are also very pure, as well as, base creams and Himalaya salts. All, before being encoded has been previously decoded and neutralized from any altering information. The 
Fisterra laboratory of Instituto Geocrom prepares these quantum products, based on the therapeutic functions of Geocrom Archetypes, a method that works consciously for the awakening of consciousness, health and mental and spiritual evolution.

Instituto Geocrom distributes these formulas, Geocrom Essences and Fisterra’s, either to privates individually, or therapists and professionals. Please, call or write us to buy these products one by one, or to acquire complete sets if you are a health care professional. Domestic and international delivery is available.


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