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Our vision of Habitat Medicine is very integrative and comprehensive, working on several aspects at the same time on health and harmony of spaces and its inhabitants. An energy reading of a house, or living space, should not be partial, because a house, as a “living entity” that it is, contains multiple and varied aspects and energies.
In a Habitat Consultancy, we first celebrate an intensive talk with the main inhabitant of the place, followed by a refined space observation, and immediately a long energy test that includes more than 20 items (habitat test for therapists). Once detected what happens to space, we start advising what can be easily corrected or changed by the user. We recommend to the client recording this conversation for further listenings to help him fully integrate all contents of the advising.

Then, we see how (and when) we can correct the energies of that space with the contribution of sacred geometry and chromaticism, detecting which is the most suitable formula of Geocrom Archetypes to neutralize its energy deficiencies, its possible geopathies, its density loads, and all memories or codes accumulated in that living space.

Energy correction of a living space, as well as, its empowerment, sublimation or harmonization, can be done in two ways though Geochromotherapy: 1/ testing and choosing some of the 28 Geocrom filters for the Habitat, by attaching them to windows, where light passes through, and in specific cases on some walls; these filters usually remain well placed for a few months, as a therapy.  2/ choosing one or several of the 10 Geocrom Essences for the HABITAT, Geocrom Archetypes formulas encoded in seawater and to spray. They become a very useful, effective and practical tool to the client. These 10 Habitat Gecrom formulas have a wide therapeutic spectrum, but sometimes, if required and according to the previous test, it is also necesary to use some filters on the windows.

See Marta Povo therapy on housing: DIAGNOSIS AND HOUSE CORRECTION

More info: www.medicinadelhabitat.com


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