In the Geocrom Laboratory, based on the effectiveness of GEOCROM CODIFIED SUBSTANCES, we decided to also create some Geocrom formulas to program elements not properly medicinal but to promote beauty, although with important psychological and mood therapeutic effects. Thus, it was born a small natural cosmetics line, conscious and spiritual, with evolutionary and quantum connotations.

Thus was born a small line of natural cosmetics, conscious and spiritual, with quantum and evolutionary connotations, with creams, salts and shampoos programmed with the healing and balancing force of geometry and color.

Therapeutic cosmetic with Geocrom formulas:

PRECIOUS CREAM, face and neck illuminating  (3 sizes)

EXPANSIVE CREAM, to nourish and restore the body

AURIC SHAMPOO and gel, to clean and expand the aura

SALVIA GEOCROM, hydroalcoholic essence of personal purification

BROCHURE of all Geocrom Cosmetics (in spanish)espiral cuántica

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