BODEGÓ COSMÉTICAPRECIOUS CREAM encoded with Geocrom archetypes. It has different functions, properties and applications, of wide spectrum, even suitable for women, children and the elderly. Precious Cream contains an impregnation or programming with a really excellent and appropriate geometric and special chromatic formula, to reaffirm and bring out your unique beauty and soul. Precious Cream, for face and neck, has such name because it is a real jewel for our face. Its ingredients, both organic and quantum, are of high value and for a very extensive indications. We elaborate this face and neck cream for two types of skin, the youngest and the most mature. You can see all of the instructions of use and its rich composition in our brochure of Cosmetic Therapeutics.

Each cosmetic formula was created to take care of the body, being also complementary one to another. You can use daily your Precious Cream or Expansive Body Cream daily, and wash your hair or body with your Auric Shampoo, while you may be taking therapeutic remedies or Fisterra essences. They are fully compatible and combinable. Due to their evolutionary and soft formulas, they are fully compatible and combinable, not to correct anything specially, thus, on the contrary, they are expansive and empowering elements.


Preciosa madura 50 ml

Created for the face and neckline, very effective also in hands and on any damaged or worn fabric. Very moisturizing, regenerating, antioxidant, nutrient, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. With high proportion of Aloe Vera contains 8 essential oils and vegetables with high content in vitamins A, B, C, D and E, calcium, magnesium, potassium, amino acids and antioxidants. As facial and beauty cream has extraordinary properties that contribute to the beauty and harmony of the body and soul. Extended information  

PRECIOUS CREAM for Mature Skin, in 50 ml or 15 ml container.

PRECIOUS CREAM for Young Skin, in 50 ml or 15 ml container.




EXPANSIVE Body CREAM, in 150 ml container.

It has very regenerating, moisturizing and revitalizing effects. It is a natural antibiotic that purifies the whole body ( propolis ), as well as, its appropriate specific encoding that provides joy and a great psychological opening, with expansive effects for our auric field and our vitality.



CHAMPÚ- quadrat


AURIC SHAMPOO and SHOWER GEL (150 ml). It is suitable for daily cleaning of the aura, energy field purification and neutralization of overload radiation from computers, telephones, electronic devices, appliances and machines. It helps us obtaining an important degree of voiding, cleaning and energy purity. It can be used daily , or as needed, either as a prevention twice a week . Ideal for people suceptible to charge with psyche- emotional or energetic toxicity and artificial radiation.


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