carpeta Arquetipos GeocromGeocrom Filters folder, to chakras and acupuncture points:

The set of 77 codes are Healing Geocrom archetypes of photosensitive polycarbonate. They are unaffected by light and never expire; the filters are very small (16 mm diameter) and designed according to the golden ratio; to protect them, they are embedded in a small frame double glazed. They are used on the skin and on acupuncture points and chakras, resulting then an excellent tool not only for mental-soul healing but also a new form of practicing acupuncture. Within the 35mm frame, the surface around the filter is black and opaque, so that, in the geometric hole color, it can occur the appropriate electrons falling (through the light glints from a flash), that projects and inserts in the aural field, the harmonic geometric pattern and the chromatic frequency on human being. Learn more about the creation of Geochromotherapy visiting

22-caixa-novaterra-abril-ok còpia Geocrom Essences Set, encoded with the 77 archetypes:

Alternatively, there are the same work elements Geocrom, but in liquid essences, encoded on sea water, mother-essences suitable for preparing dilutions to the patient. The set of the 77 essences Geocrom with sea water, is a very simple dynamics of therapeutic use, but the deep professional process of running the test is the same. We distribute these essences one by one, or the entire set, to professionals for highly personalized therapies. We give you an overview of the psyche-therapeutic archetypes of all Geochromotherapy (whether applied to chakras or taken in liquid form):

Therapeutic Functions of the Geocrom Artchetypes

22-Esencias Fisterra-30-mlFisterra Essences Set, encoded with Geocrom filters formulas:

All liquid substrate, water or oil, can be programmed, impregnated or encoded with Geocrom System codes. The ten mother-essences from Fisterra are Geocrom formulas produced and preserved with very pure and microfiltrated seawater. Each remedy, or Fisterra Essence, is alchemically encoded with specific Geocrom filters formula, synergistic and very effective, for our psychological, energetic and mental-soul balance.


22-Arquetipos geocrom Habitat còpiaHabitat Medicine Filters Set (polycarbonate):

 The 28 specific Geocrom archetypes for the habitat are also made of photosensitive polycarbonate. In this case, they are larger and have a transparent background. Its diameter is 67 mm. Previous diagnosis, they are placed, for a few days or weeks, on windows and walls in a habitat to transfer the harmonic and devic pattern to the habitable space.

04-HABITATCorrective Sprays and Habitat Healing:

To correct and stregthen a space, we also use the healing programmed sprays of HÁBITAT SANO (Healthy habitat), , a seawater essences encoded with 10 different formulas, very well designed and tested for ten types of treatments of a habitat: Desaturation and Voiding, Psychoenergetical Cleaning, Geopathies and Radiation, Emotionality and Waterways, Detachment and Liberation, Prosperity and Fluidity, Peacemaking and Stress-relieving, Protection and Assistance, Energize and Activate, Fist Aid and Healing.

Please read the HABITAT SPRAY INSTRUCTIONS to understand and know how to use these effective essences to correct, heal and activate a habitat.


22-AC. ETUCIVE 30 mlEncoded Therapeutic Oils:

Essential oil extracts programmed with the Geocrom archetypes, 7 specific and synergistic formulas for different body and energy functions, very practical.

Visit: to find more information about these decisive, advanced and easy to apply therapeutic elements.


22-CARTAS GEOCROMOTERAPIAGeocrom diagnostic and study Cards:

Cards are one of the diagnostic elements, in addition to the arterial pulse and dowsing, very useful both in therapy and in personal consultation. This set of 77 cards printed on glossy cardboard, with the summary included in each archetype, can be used by anyone to begin working with the geometric archetypes of color, because they provide guidelines and interesting tips, although it is much easier to understand their work capacity by taking the Geochromotherapy training courses.

geocrom radiacionesGeocrom filters for radiation:

Turquoise Decagon, to neutralize the electromagnetic field of mobile phones, wireless, laptops, computers, microwaves, etc. It has an immediate effect. Watch the video of research in blood: DECÁGONO TURQUESA Y RADIACIÓN MÓVIL (Turquoise Decagon and mobile radiation)

Indigo Blue Decagon is the archetype that best eliminates and neutralizes on human beings static electricity from vehicles (hanging directly under the central rearview mirror, where light touches it), as well as hair dryers, photocopiers and other appliances that generate static, and therefore altering the electrical charge of our own cells.

3 descodificadoresThree decoder archetypes:

 A small set of Geocrom filters to deprogram people, water, glass or objects. Purple Heptagon, empties or shows up the saturation of information, cleans the information and any program. Turquoise Decagon neutralizes the harmful effects of electrical radiation, electromagnetic saturation and the encoding strength of thoughts and mental intentions. Violet Decagon cleans and transmutes emotional density and its magnetic charge that alters our energy. The three decoders are widely used to purify and empty the saturation of information involved in many objects of our habitat.

cartel-geocrom-200Harmonic Geocrom Mandala Poster:

Poster published in high quality photo paper, available 30×40 or 50×60 cm enlargements. It is a mandalic expression containing a complex geometric and chromatic synthesis of high vibration, according to the healing and evolutionary method of Geochromotherapy. This Geocrom Mandala is a radiant and graph support where energy axis and aural ordered human field is represented, according to an ideal pattern of harmony, health and fulfillment. Its influence, once hung in a bright space, emits a radiant morphic field that covers up to 5.5 meters around a 360ª axis from where the mandala is located. It is recommended for any room, bedroom or office that requires greater harmony, greater psychological-emotional order or energy sublimation. Spiritually, this peculiar geochromatic yantra propels the ability to smooth evolution and conscious development of Human Beings, whatever age and condition.

Personal therapeutic filters on the thymus:

The same 77 archetypes for human beings used as medicine or remedy, can be also used as a pendant around the neck or chest and over the thymus gland (10 cm on the chest) for a certain time; on the same way as a remedy is dosed in tablets or drops, personal filters as a pendant are dosed in exposure time, eg carry for 3 weeks, 6 hours a day. This remedy is very effective as a complement of a theraphy session, or as a simple, unique and gentle theraphy. Due to the costly handcraftship of each personal filter, and after 15 years, Instituto Geocrom nowadays only provides the existing stock because because they no longer produce more. Please, contact Instituto Geocrom before purchasing, to check if the archetype desired is available.

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