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We suggest you to read this writting or message from M. Povo about online courses:

‘The space that the universe has reserved me to teach something about health and soul, is placed on a mountain (although near Barcelona). I always find amazing and wonderful that many people came to hear what I little know about that ‘immensity’ we will never grasp in all its completeness. But time and the world requested me to develop my teachings, so they can be transmitted over long distances, and that has required much and gradual work.

In that way, 9 years ago I created the Geochromotherapy course, for those souls in Latin America, and to anyone who can understand Spanish, my second language (due Catalan is my mother tongue), could learn all that I have at hand and in my heart. Barely 3 years ago, at Fisterra birth and the ‘encoded seawater’ whole revolution, I began to write the online course about encoding substances to give these precious teachings on distance. And just 2 years ago, some students urged me to live recording a whole course of Habitat Medicine, to offer this seminar in audio. So now, without knowing how … we already have three different pedagogical items prepared for any person on the planet who understands Spanish well.

I have to confess that it is not the same live learning than distance learning. It is for many reasons, but the main one is that people are used to read with their rational left brain, and ‘do not feel’ what they read nor the subtleties of each message. There are no gestures, no presence, no silences, no heat, no meditations to feed and nourish the flexibility of the soul. There are not so many examples, advices and comments, that I give face-to-face at my school CSIS Garden, amid a peculiar and friendly living together.

It is understandable this to happen, because my character has the rare ability, in face-to-face, to inspire much the perception from the right hemisphere. Something, that when coldly reading a manual does not usually happen, unless the person read only 10 ‘and meditate another 10’. It is to say, read and feel at the same time each paragraph, each at their own rhythm. That human voracity in reading intended to catch and retain, to archive and advance … is what stops us to feel the soul of each author, the depth of the message, and blocks us also to feel what moves us from within, each word related to our psyche, and what is pending to be healed in ourselves.

Anyway … I could almost say I do not recommend taking distance courses if someone has the remote possibility of coming to Barcelona (reaching Caldes de Montbui village is easy and it is only 30 ‘ from Barcelona).

I invite you to take in consideration ‘trying to come’ from your land and share teachings living together, but at the same time, I am very happy today to personally offer you, at least these three monographic teachings, for sensitive people who are attuned to the medicine of the soul, with sacred geometry, with the specter of healing colors, with seawater, with alchemy and re-encoding, with the memory cell, the sense of a comprehensive and integrated medicine, with the divinity of all things, with health and the conscious evolution of the Human Being …

I commit myself to be available, as much as I can, to every student in the world, by email, phone or skype, in order to clarify any doubts and share a bit of our souls. Finally, as a pedagogue, I tell you, it is very necessary to complement these distnace courses by watching the videos and listening to the audios, especially the meditations, because it really will give you unexpected therapeutic work elements, and a mind depth that, somehow, will have an effect on your service as healers’.

Marta Povo’2014