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Conceptual information about GEOCROMOTHERAPY-translations:


The new Geometric and Chromatic Codes paradigm:

Geocromotherapy is the practical application of the Geocrom Healing new paradigm on health, based on light geometry. The system was born in 1994 inspired by Marta Povo, developed and strengthened until today by empirical experience of healing and expanding through different highly personalized training seminars.

The workflow is built on a foundation of acupuncture type, although their conceptual and therapeutic foundations are the psyche-soul metaphysical nature and transcendence. Geocrom methode is considered today as an excellent way to self-knowledge, and a great way of spiritual evolution and expansion of consciousness.

Geochromotherapy uses three components simultaneously: sacred Geometry, Chromaticism and Light; those are the three active and quantum principles used in Geocrom dynamics, as elements that resonate with the universal unified field, structural morphic fields and the harmonious growth of nature.

Every human being, as a living being inserted into the nature and the cosmos, has an essential geometric structure in their auric composition, and it has been proven for more than two decades that every living being is reactive to all the ordered guidelines of geometry and mathematical proportions, and it is also reactive and not indifferent to all frequencies or chromatic light.

Geocromotherapy currently is considered an interesting psycho-mental diagnosis system to human beings, and also a good energy diagnosis for an habitat. Besides a great diagnostic tool, Geocrom is over all an innovative healing and integrative dynamics, in addition systemic, acting on the energy causes that caused alterations, on our cellular memory and experiential records. It is a great method of preventive medicine and educator of the psyche, an excellent and subtle tool of self-knowledge and mindfullnes, and a subtle way to heal the soul (origin of the psyche, energy and body), to expand awareness and facilitate personal and spiritual development of human beings.

Since 1994 until today there are 77 different geometric and chromatic archetypes developed, and each code resonates with a holistic aspect of the psyche-soul health. The golden ratio, the geometry and the color of these archetypal elements follow the same ordered codes or harmonic growth patterns of nature and the cycles of full health.

Each pattern, archetype or Geocrom code is a frequency modulator and ‘re-programming’ records, which acts by morphic resonance (transmitted via cellular biophotons) with universal harmonious guidelines and codes of human supra-conscious and the organic running, since we are inserted in a Unified Field of matter, energy and consciousness.

These archetypes of light geometry, in a Geocrom Method are projected on certain acupuncture points and chakras, or taken orally by seawater, which is previously encoded with different formulas or synergies from different specific Geochrom archetypes, in personalized dilutions or Essential Geocrom formula.

The experience of many therapists trained validates and confirms for decades that Geochrom archetypes (diagnosed under a full connection) basically balanced chromosomal etheric programming etheric, emotional intelligence, energy fluid and psycho-social relations, awaken the capacity to release the environmental conditions, and affect mainly on behavior patterns, inherited, learned or recorded in psychological and somatic dynamics of each individual and the spiritual journey of each.

The Geocrom archetypes activated and amplify mostly clarity, coherence, creativity, life cycles, inner harmony and adaptation to life, facilitating the optimization of internal human resources.

One of the Geocromotherapy applications on health is the impregnation or encoding of seawater and essential oils as very effective flower remedies based on the values of Geometry, Color and Light: GEOCROM ESSENCES. Another major application of archetypes Geocrom archetypes is in the field of HABITAT MEDICINE, also in GUIDED THERAPEUTIC MEDITATIONS, and also the Geocromo-acupuncture field.

Geochromotherapy has been created and promoted by Marta Povo, psychoenergy therapist and acupuncturist, author of 20 books and pedagogue of the training seminars in various countries, teachings conducted in face-to-face courses, distance or audio, and director of the Geocrom School of Barcelona and the healing, pedagogy and retreat center Casa del Bosc, en PIERA, near Montserrat mountain, 50′ from Barcelona.

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