Geocrom School of Barcelona (and the old Institute from 1998 to 2017) and retreat center Casa del Bosc in PIERA, is the platform that organizes and promotes training on Geochromotherapy and its applications for an integrated and mental-soul medicine. Geocrom School, was created in 1998 by Marta Povo, founder and promoter since 1994 of Geochrom Healing, a new paradigm based on the use of frequencies of light geometry that have an impact on health, psyche and soul.

She is the facilitator and pedagogue of the Geochromotherapy and its applications on the mental-soul health, promoter of Geocrom Encoded Essences and the extensive programming or encoding substances way, and the Habitat Medicine as a method of analysis and correction of spaces. She has published 20 books on therapy and  Integrative Medicine.

Geocrom School besides organizing courses, after training in these new methods of integrative health and soul evolution, also provides, optionally, students and therapists, the appropriate working elements to act professionally. You are invited to visit and have a look at these materials, without any obligation, on our ON-LINE store:

The school is located in the core of the emblematic Born district in Barcelona oldtown, where Marta Povo has her consultancy office. In coordination with the Institute, there is the space Casa del Bosc in PIERA, located in Montserrat, only 40 km away from the city, where residential courses take place and provides the full accommodation for students.

The old institute and the actual school is an international organization, which acts virtually and face-to-face, to promote and expand the new paradigm of applied geometry, healing and integrative health, through monographic courses, of different lengths, events, retreats, private lessons and diverse educational and therapeutic group meetings.

It organizes basically three type of COURSES:

1/ Intensive monographic residential courses and workshops, from 1 to 5 days length.

2/ A 7 days intensive residential complete seminar: HEALING WITH GEOMETRY AND LIGHT (Suitable to be taught also in other places or cities abroad on request).

3/ On-line courses and therapies.

CALENDAR, courses and programs

Courses and groups pictures, organizate by Geocrom School

To Contact Geocrom School of Barcelona :

Mainoffice phone number: (+34) 93 129 91 47

Whatsapp/Telegram: (+34) 629 50 18 29